>You may have noticed a dry spell of my blogging around here. I apologize for that. The truth is, I’ve got a load of posts I start up but do not finish waiting in my blogger queue. I will finish the ones that are actually going somewhere in due time. In the meantime though, I’m afraid I’m having a hard time summoning the time and energy to work on them. I’m disappointed in myself for not keeping up with blogging: It’s a passion of mine and I feel like I am letting down my regular readers by not being consistent.

I wish I could, but I’m having difficulty with my mental health right now. I’m afraid I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in terms of academics and personal responsibility, and I find it exceedingly crushing. Comparatively speaking, my life is really much better than it was during my brief stint of unemployment last year, but the nature of my disabilities means that I have a hard time adjusting to huge work loads, and taking 17+ credits at my university (maximum is 21) is not a pretty picture. I’ve also been going through some personal stress unrelated to school that has been eating up a large chunk of my time and mental energy.
I’m sorry, readers. Once this is all sorted out, you’ll see plenty of rants coming across your blogroll from yours truly again. In the meantime, I’m in limbo.