>In September of last year, I resolved to delve into the positive attitude about autism espoused by several new age thinkers, most prominently, William Stillman. School and life got in the way of that, and I only got as far as The Horse Boy. This was also due to the public library and the university libraries not having any books on the subject. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is up for judgement.

So recently I’ve revived an interest in the subject and turned to the internet to help me find what I want, and I’ve even compiled a neat little wish list on Amazon of books that I’ve tabbed as possible review opportunities.
The problem right now is finance. I don’t have enough pleasure money to spend on books right now, even at Amazon’s terrific secondhand prices.
But once that clears up, I promise to continue this series, starting with Gift From My Son: Autism Redefined.
Wish me luck.