>Today, I was reading a very tragic story about a young woman who lost her life before her time. For once, the entire comments section was respectful, offering their condolences to the family. But I was disturbed by the walloping amounts of God-centric language, such as promising that the girl was now in heaven, that God would protect her, that God would protect the family.

If that had been a funeral where everyone was 100% sure what the girl (and her family’s) religious affiliations were, that would be fine, no problem. But I started thinking about how, assuming I had a ghost or had some way of knowing what people were saying about me after I died, I’d be peeved if a whole bunch of people, whether family or strangers, started saying that I was in Heaven now, and that God would protect me, or my family.
It is disrespectful to presume that I would have a religion where some sort of Heaven was included in the afterlife package. It’s disrespectful to even presume I have a religion, period. It would be a bitter pill for me if the exact same people who, during my lifetime, are telling me I’m going to Hell, decided to have a heel-face turn if I had an unexpected death, and honey up with the “In God’s hands” and “Heaven” language.
So, let this be my public statement on this issue right now, while I am breathing and of sound mind (whatever that means) Here we go:
After I die, I don’t want a single person promising to pray for me, or for my family. I don’t want anyone saying that I’m with God now, or going to Heaven. By the accounts of most religions which have a Heaven and Hell, I am going to Hell for being who I am and believing what I do. Regardless of what your beliefs on the subject are, I don’t care for you acting like I would have wanted what you want out of death.I’m the one who is dead, and I don’t want you pushing your ideas of the afterlife on my soul. When I die, express condolences to my family and loved ones, and if I happen to live to a good age, be happy I led a rich, full life. If not, then hope that you and my loved ones can continue doing what I am passionate about now that I can’t take it on myself. If I die of a tragic illness or a tragic event, donate money to a cause looking for a way to help survivors.
But above all else, no prayers please. It would be insulting to my memory to do so.