>So, today I saw a plug for Autism Speaks on Margaret Cho’s facebook page. Specifically, supporting the damn Gold Bunny. If you enter, you may win one signed by her. I’m bloody used to celebrities betraying me by supporting Autism Speaks. The biggest hurt of all was that awful “I am Autism” video made by Alfonso Cuaron, one of my favourite directors. -sigh-
So here is what I wrote on Margaret Cho’s link to the contest. If she actually looks at her facebook page, I hope she considers my words:

Margaret, I love you, and I’m a big fan of yours. I’m also autistic, and I’m BEGGING YOU not to support Autism Speaks. They’re hated and reviled in the autism community for using pity-baiting and not having any autistic representation on their board of directors or positions of power, which is radically outside of the norm of disability activism. Autism Speaks thoroughly defies the model of “Nothing about us without us.”
They’re also just a crappy charity. They’re not recommended by the Better Business Bureau, and only 7 cents of every dollar donated to them goes to helping autistic families.
Please, if you want to support an autism related charity, consider the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, The Easter Seals, or the Autism Society of America. NOT Autism Speaks. I’m autistic, and Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for me.

Here’s to hoping, but I’m not that optimistic. That’s my teaspoon for today. If I can get one celebrity to stop supporting the horribleness that is Autism Speaks, I’ll upgrade myself from teaspoon to tablespoon for today. 🙂