>So tonight, the CN tower and other buildings will be turning their lights blue to support “Autism Awareness”. Why blue? Because blue is the official colour of Autism Speaks, the much-hated organization I have spilled much ink over. So basically, they’re not supporting Autism Awareness with this, they’re just giving a free plug to Autism Speaks.

Turning the lights blue goes beyond the usual fauxgressive charitable stunts to raise awareness of autism. It goes beyond silly stunts like posting your bra colour on facebook to raise breast cancer awareness or something similar. It’s much more insidious, because it implies support of the message of Autism Speaks. The message of Autism Speaks has been consistently this: That autistic people are doomed without a cure, that our lives are meaningless, that an autism diagnosis is a catalyst to lifelong misery, divorce of the autistic person’s parents, and turning an otherwise happy, white, upper-class family into a clusterfuck.
Nothing could be further from the truth. My life is not misery, I don’t need a cure, nor does any autistic person, and I am not doomed by my autism.
If you see a blue building tonight, take a moment to remember that the blue light doesn’t represent anything less than the worst of neurotypical presumptions and arrogance. That blue light doesn’t illuminate, it casts shadows on the lives of every autistic person who has ever been told they’re not good enough because of their disability.