When I first began blogging over at my old blogger blog, I was very shy about how I expressed myself. I was nervous about appealing to as many people as possible, and didn’t want to alienate potential readers with my occasionally macabre sense of humour, my somewhat snarky attitude, and my somewhat unusual and peripheral outlook on the world. I avoided being offensive, and hoped that I would reach a wide audience.

Now that I have been blogging for two plus years now, things are different for me. I feel more confident in my writing abilities, for one. I try to avoid clichés and jargon as often as possible, attempt to employ irony or expressive language when I feel is proper, and I am considerably less shy about causing offense when I feel it is necessary to make my point. I’m also much less shy about expressing my personal opinions, rather than refraining and hoping that the articles I post and the stories I tell “speak for themselves”.

It’s interesting for me as a blogger to see how my writing evolves as I continue to blog. I’m not shy to admit that blogging has become one of my passions, and I feel that it has taken me places I never thought possible, and assisted me in reaching more people than I ever considered to be within my grasp. I did all this by casually shedding my limitations on what I could write about in what tone, rather than restricting them. When I put some thought into this, the answer to why this was the continuing trend is obvious: People read blogs not to hear what they already know or have something blandly regurgitated at them. The beauty of a blog lies within its strong expression. In an age when mainstream news media has prioritized sensationalism in headlines and story presentation and elevated banality and so-called “balanced” reporting over honesty and truth, a blog is the place to go to get a fresh perspective that is brimming with integrity and passion.

May I be favoured with continued growth as a writer and a blogger, and may WordPress see a lot more of me as the years go on.