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I confess…. I suck at pun making, first of all, and secondly, I have been going stir-crazy these past few days. My housemate, who normally is kind enough to give me rides to various places, is absent at a conference, and I’ve been confined to my house due to a combination of unseasonably bad weather and lack of appropriate footwear (First thing on the list when I get a job is to buy a new pair of sturdy hiking boots) So the result of this toxic witch’s brew of bad timing is a sore tailbone, stiff shoulders and neck, boredom, anxiety, loneliness, listlessness, and a complete sabotage of my plans to exercise more this summer for now. Not even my favourite activities of rolling around on the floor, reading, and cooking can alleviate my ennui. When I get bored, I get dangerous. I start craving strange foodstuffs (thank you, pica) like raw flour, brown sugar, corn starch, and butter. I scratch and pick at my skin, somehow convinced that I have fleas. I lick the insides of my arms, rub my nose against the wall, and obsessively check the toilet, convinced that I didn’t flush.

See what happens when my brain and body become sedentary?

This isn’t healthy. Unfortunately, unless the weather clears up, one of my readers mails me a pair of doc martens, or my housemate comes back early, I’m stuck in this house for a while. But I’m not going to let myself continue to be picked apart by my obsessions and tics. I’ve decided that I am going to attempt to remedy my boredom myself. I’ve read every book in the house, my sketchbook is full, and I only have instant foods to cook, but I need physical stimulation as well. Oddly enough, for that, I am turning to the internet.

I’m going to start watching exercise videos on youtube, to see if they help me calm down and feel less antsy and compelled to perform my little boredom rituals. I normally associate exercise videos with stay-at-home wives and those who are afraid of going to the gym (I can’t blame them really) but I think in this case they may serve a good purpose of guiding me into exercise, and thus expelling all that pent-up physical energy. Let’s see if it works.