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So I woke up this morning to discover a lovely story about a transgender prom queen. I clicked on the link in excitement, and made a mental note to show it to Jaime, and my friend A, who was crowned queen of the Senior Ball at our high school (Don’t know if the paper covered her for that)

But as I read the story, I fumed. Why?

Just about every girl growing up dreams of being prom queen.

So did Andrew Viveros, who had his wish become a reality when he was crowned McFatter High School’s prom queen Friday night.

Viveros, who for the past two years has gone by the name Andii, is a transgender who fought to get his name on the prom queen ballot. He is the first transgender to be named prom queen at a public school in the United States.


GAH! Andii is obviously living as a woman now. Would it have killed the paper to have referred to her with the correct pronouns and name? Throughout the rest of the story, they referred to Andii with the incorrect name and pronoun. Even her parents did, which saddened me.

Sadly, it ruined the story for me. It undermined the tone of acceptance and love that electing a trans prom queen had in store for me. Looks like the Clue Phone was ringing like mad at MSNBC, and they put it on hold.