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So I found out when my registration date is. Since I am anal and nerdy though, I like to be prepared for what awaits me whenever I am awaiting a new semester, and always look up the available classes that I am interested in, so I can be organized the day of registration and pounce on what I want immediately, before they fill up.

To give a snapshot of what I am interested in, here are the ones that I am interested so far in signing up for. I can only pick three or four, so I’m deciding which will be the most rewarding and intellectually enriching, as well as beneficial to my new life as a Canadian:


Intro to Asian Religions

Intermediate Japanese

Sociolinguistic Issues in Japanese

Intro Canadian Culture

Beginner’s French

History of Canada

Women in Canada

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Culture and Power in Southeast Asia

Pre-Modern Japanese Theatre

Reproduction and Sexuality

Modern Japanese Literature

Asia-Pacific History Through Japanese Popular Culture

Liberalism and the Asia-Pacific Region

The Human in Asian Culture

History of Science

Environmental History of British Columbia

Cultural Encounters

Aboriginal Peoples of Canada to 1850

Soviet Union from 1917- 2000

Atheism and Unbelief in Early Modern Europe

China in Local and Global History

Religion and State in the Modern Middle East

Asian Diaspora- Chinese

History of Britain and Iran

Intro to Social Justice Topics

Beginner’s Russian

Culture & Revolution

Victorian Children’s Fiction

Contemporary Canadian Literature

Monuments of Southeast Asia

Indigenous Arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Later Arts of Southeast Asia

Islam and Asia

Art & Revolution

Intro to Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and the Chinese Religions


Oh lord how am I ever going to whittle this down? I feel like a kid in a candy store gearing up to get diabetes.