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Remember how I was talking earlier about my need to use expensive beauty products that are non-irritating? Well, the majority of those products come from LUSH, a Canadian beauty company which makes products that smell delicious, make my skin feel soft and non-itching, and engage my senses in a way that’s made showering and hygiene go from a chore to an absolute pleasure.

Now though, I have an even greater reason to love them. This photographic campaign of supporting marriage equality and the freedom to marry sponsored by LUSH. It encourages friends, lovers, whoever, to submit photos and their personal story as to why they support the freedom to marry.

I’m considering whether or not to submit my story to the website, I’m kind of still worried about someone I know who doesn’t know about Jaime seeing it, and “outing” me to my mother either accidentally or on purpose. Until I make up my mind, I’ll just share my story here:

I support marriage equality because there is, in my world, no such thing as second-class love, but denying marriage to us implies that our love is just that, promoting the idea that it is worth less somehow, that it’s not as valuable, as precious, as worthy of protection and celebration.

My Jaime and I live between two worlds, the world we inhabit out of fear, and our own private universe, where we acknowledge our true selves as queer and in love. In the second world, there is no fear, no limitations, it’s endless an endless summer of roses, joy, and shared laughter. I support marriage equality because I dream of every loving couple being able to always inhabit the second world and never need to retreat into the first world out of fear for safety, out of worries of being a social outcast, and out of a sense that their love is shameful or inferior.

A dream we dream alone will remain just that, a dream of freedom and equality. A dream we all dream together, that has the potential to change the realities of GLBTQI couples across North America, if not the world. Won’t you dream with me?