So I have been told that America’s Next Top Model is coming to Missoula. I best remember this show as being something my sister gobbled up like popcorn, and developing a more than vague interest in it precisely twice: Once because they featured Heather Kuzmich, an autistic model (And video game designer, which is a much more awesome and autism friendly career, if you ask me) and second because they did a shot in Hawaii (Which was full of fail, I might add)

Not much to say on this otherwise, except to submit my own attempts at being a glamourous and chic autistic model. Since ANTM is such a big fan of including one token “unconventional” model, this could be my chance! I can totally pull off being beautiful and glamorous, as seen here in my portfolio: Here’s my glamour shot, my head shot, my fierce one, my serious shot, my sensual shot, one from my glory days, a fashionable one, or two.

Yup. Heather Kuzmich, consider yourself supplanted. There’s a new autistic top model in town, and she’s ready to take the fashion world by storm!