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Since switching to WordPress, I’ve been a lot more comfortable talking about my personal life. I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s because this is a much better blogging platform, but with that comfort, I’ve been getting some complaining emails from former followers, saying that while they love my writing about autism, especially when it is in the vein of advice, they dislike me talking about Jaime, because they don’t approve of my “lifestyle”, and find that I’m much more helpful when I just talk about autism, and that they don’t appreciate all of my other posts which “try to shoehorn in gay stuff where it doesn’t belong”. One of them even told me that they thought I was essentially “shoving some TMI stuff down my throat.”

Yea, that’s great. Lovely to know that some people want to cut me up with the proverbial values scissors, and only use the parts they think are useful to their lives, and discard everything else about me. Since I’ve ignored these emails up until this point, here’s a mass response to everyone who has ever hinted that they don’t like teh gay elements of my blog:

I’m not your personalized Dear Abby of Autism, spouting out answers to problems you, your child, your friend, or whoever face. I’m a blogger, and I will write about whatever I please, because all of it is relevant to my life, even if you think it doesn’t matter. If you’re seriously that uncomfortable about the idea of a queer autistic blogger being open and proud about her sexual orientation, then go elsewhere for your autistic blogging needs. There are literally dozens of blogs written by autistic people who are straight, or who don’t talk about how other aspects of their life are impacted by their romantic life. I’m not one of them. There are probably blogs written by conservative autistics who don’t approve of me and think I’m a lezzie whore. Go read them instead if you are so inclined.

But I will not compromise my blogging topics because of some whiny, uncomfortable little shits who prefer to live by the motto of “Hide Your Gays!” I assure you, I have other supportive readers who don’t mind that I’m queer, and don’t mind my trans girlfriend, and I have other readers who are autistic and queer, or who are trans, and I intend to make this place comfortable for them, since I benefit from their feedback a lot more than I do someone telling me that my love is immodest.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and Happy Autistic Pride Day to all of my readers in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s tomorrow for me.