Well, today is Autistic Pride Day. I’m celebrating by stimming on my awesome new bouncy ball, enjoying a cold lemonade, and some light reading. If I were with some other autistic people, we might take in a movie (Something like Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: Nemesis double feature, because Spock and Data are the most realistic autistic characters in cinematic history, naturally) or share in a meal.

I don’t mind though. I don’t need to be physically present with other autistic people to know that I am not alone. I have friends, allies, and my readers. Ah yes, my readers. So many of my readers are fellow autistics and fellow bloggers, and have helped me learn, grow, and mature as a blogger, an advocate, and just in general. So today, I’d like to offer my thanks to my autistic readers. You are a truly exceptional bunch, and I know I’m celebrating with you and in your honour today. Here’s to you:

A delicious lava flow as a toast to my readers