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Gosh, I have good timing. Here’s an opinion piece in the New York Times about HIV and disability.

Some great quotes (Bolding mine):


The assumption that all disabilities — of hands, feet, hearing, sight — somehow also affect the ability and desire to have sex is common. It would be comic if it didn’t have such serious consequences: people with disabilities are rarely exposed to sex education and are almost never considered in need of information about H.I.V. and treatment for it.


People with disabilities are often among the poorest of the poor, and can’t afford health care services. But even those with access to health care often experience discrimination and loss of privacy in health centers. Consider my hearing-impaired friends, who have to bring a family member to interpret if they want to get tested for H.I.V. In many places, people face being evicted or ostracized if family members learn they have H.I.V. The lack of confidentiality is a big deterrent to testing and treatment.

We must no longer be overlooked because of false assumptions about our sexuality. People with disabilities can and do have sex. I know from my own experience. We need to be a part of the fight against H.I.V., too.


Go read the whole thing.