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Looks like I’m not the only one who believes in sexually empowered disabled people! Hot diggety! Go check it out at DisabilityScoop, and learn more about this amazing woman:


“What I hope comes of this is that people can view disability differently and see that people with disabilities are sexual,” Sachse says. “So many people are trying to come to my aid and protect me from being exploited and they want to prevent disabled people from living their lives.”

“This idea of who is beautiful and what’s sexy that we see in the media all the time isn’t necessarily what beauty is to me or to you,”

As a child, Sachse says she was taught to deny that she was different. But over the years she instead developed pride in her body. Most of the clothing used in the photos actually belongs to Sachse who says she likes to dress stylishly.

Woman after my own heart. Each one of these quotes could have been said by me.