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Oh joy. A hacker who got caught in connection with infiltrating a UK government website has Asperger Syndrome.

I just have to say, I know my life will be a living hell the next few days. It always is whenever it turns out someone who was a violent criminal, or a hacker, or some other non law-abiding citizen had Asperger’s. It’s gotten to the point where whenever there’s a school shooting or something like this that happens, I start whispering, “Please, don’t let him be one of us, oh please please please don’t let him be one of us”. Whenever someone is neurodiverse and commits a crime, that is played up as the one cause behind their actions. Because clearly, neurotypicals never commit crimes!

Well, if this plays out like I think it will, with Asperger Syndrome being equated with sociopathic tendencies, Simon Baron-Cohen being invited onto TV news programs to explain us evil autistics and our evil behaviours, and a chance to parade out statistics on how more autistics are being diagnosed now, so how many of them are just waiting for the ripe moment to reveal their intention to blow up the world, and could your children be at risk, then well, I’m going to have to take a vacation. Go to a spa and pretend I don’t live in a world which belittles difference in neurotype as being a precursor to criminal activity.

Who wants to come with me?