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I just had a high school student ring my doorbell, to try to sell me Bible literature (Looked a lot like colouring books to me) so she could pay for college. Normally I’m very stern and grouchy with door-to-door evangelists, but she was so young, I didn’t feel like being mean. So I explained that nobody in the household was Christian. She asked what we were, and I said “My housemate’s traditional Assiniboine and I’m a Humanist Jew.” She didn’t know what it meant to be traditional, so I briefly explained smudging and other rituals. She then bid me a good day, and I hoped that she would do well in college.

I hope that she discovers the wonders of scholarships. It’s a lot less walking around, and raises a lot more money. Plus, many scholarships have an essay requirement, and writing compelling essays can help expand your mind a lot more than door-to-door evangelism can.