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I have begun showering twice a day to deal with the stickiness and heat of summer. This makes me miss summer in Japan, when I had access to a lovely ofuro, or Japanese-style bathtub, when I could just dip in. It would be a wonderful way to deal with the heat and pea-soup level humidity. I especially enjoyed going to onsens (Public spa-type baths) in Japan, once I got over the weirdness of everyone staring at me naked for being a Westerner, and for once in my life having the largest breasts in the room.

That’s why, in my theoretical future house, the most important room is going to be the bathroom, followed by the library. I can sleep just fine on a wooden floor with a futon and quilt, but I need a nice place to put my books, and I definitely will need a shower and separate tub, and the tub will need to be very deep to accommodate my tall frame (180 cm/ 6 ft for the curious) and the shower will be a steam shower. And of course, I will fill this magnificent bathroom with LUSH products. Bath bombs, bubble bars, shampoo, soap, massage bars, everything I need to enter olfactory heaven.

An autie can dream, can’t she?