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Today, I came across this story of an Arizona Senator pointing a gun at a reporter. I’m so horrified and disgusted, I can barely speak. But I can type, and here are my two cents.

Those of you who don’t know me too well may be surprised, but I am a member of the NRA, I’ve shot with the local Women’s Group, and I intend on joining the local Pink Pistols when I move to BC. I grew up around guns, and received a rifle for my seventh birthday, I have been shooting since then. I’m trained to use everything from .22 pistols to Type 81 Assault Rifles. I take my gun safety so seriously, you wouldn’t believe it. I take every precaution possible, because I believe in the safety and comfort of my friends, loved ones, and fellow citizens are more important than bragging like a pathetic fool. I feel like screaming at this horrible woman until I’m blue in the face. When I began reading, I was going to shout at her “You ninny! Don’t you remember your training? Rule number one, Every Gun Is Loaded!” And then as I read further, I saw that the gun was in fact loaded, she was fully aware of it, but it was peachy in her mind, because her hand “wasn’t on the trigger”. *Bink* *Twitch*

Okay. Calm down, Leah, breathe. Talk about this calmly and rationally.

Lori Klein, you embarrass me, with your “informal training”, your complete and utter contempt for guns and the safety of those around you, and your disregard for the name and reputation of responsible gun users and owners like me. Guns are meant to be respected and treated with caution and fear. I knew that as a seven year old girl, you have no excuse as a fully grown woman to practice such rash behaviour. You were lucky that the reporter wasn’t killed by your foolishness. I believe in responsible gun ownership, and you have failed to demonstrate the maturity and respect towards firearms that I feel is necessary for ownership. If I had my way, you would lose your privilege to own them after this incident.