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When I move to Victoria, I’m going to try to do something that has been missing from my adult skills set until now: Learning to cook a broad variety of meals and learn to manage a kitchen.

It’s not to say that I’ve never cooked before, I have, but two things have gotten in the way of me ever mastering the art of French cooking.  First off is my utter lack of impulse control, and my difficulty concentrating in a space as crowded and noisy as a kitchen. Usually when I finish step one of a dish, I’ll get distracted and move on over to another task, or take a nap, and completely forget to complete the dish until it’s too late or I ruined it. I’ve nearly burned my house down several times  by doing that… The other reason is more personal, and it’s been taking a lot of self reflection as a feminist: I wasn’t interested in cooking when I was a child because I perceived it as “woman’s work”. I was raised in a house that adhered very strictly to gender roles, with my father being the breadwinner and my mother staying at home to care for my sister and I. Even as a young child, I saw the life mom led of domestic servitude, and swore that would never be me. So I never cooked or cleaned, I instead learned to hunt, fish, use the computer, and do other things with my father. I saw cooking and cleaning as a means of trapping me in the same unhappy lifestyle my mother led.

Now of course, as a 20something feminist who is learning to live independently, I find that these gaps in my knowledge are painfully apparent, and I’ve been trying to correct them. I am a relatively good baker thus far, and I can cook simple pasta dishes and fix salads, but I’ve never cooked meat properly, and I’ve rarely fixed more complex dishes. I would like to learn to cook a complex, delicious recipe I would be proud to serve at a gathering of family and friends.

Cooking is not “woman’s work”, and I never should have shied away from it under that assumption. I’m paying for that silly childhood notion as an adult, but I am prepared to do so, and I am certain the results will be delicious and rewarding.

On a related note: I leave Missoula tomorrow. When Jaime and I are in the same city, we intend to combine our incomes, and hopefully I will get a nice cozy work study job and a second job in a field like book selling or tourism, which I am familiar with. Even without a second job, it looks like we will have enough income to go out to a nice restaurant together once a week, and catch up on three years worth of missed dates and romantic outings. With that in mind, and the fact that I will likely get a new camera for my birthday, I am going to try and start doing reviews of restaurants in the Victoria area. I’m a major foodie, and Victoria is said to have some terrific ones.

Who knows? I may even learn to love seafood (Yuck!) from this experience, if I get sick of lamb, beef, pork, duck, chicken, and rabbit.