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+ Find a place to live. I made a list (Hello, obsessive listmaking side of me) of things I am looking for in a place: Rent under $900 a month, utilities and internet included, an under 20 minute walk to the university, since I stupidly signed up for an 8 AM class, and a place to park a bicycle. Oh, and no creepy/oddly specific requests in the advert for the place.

+ Buy a bicycle. Bikes are apparently a must in Victoria, so I’ll be combing Craigslist and the local papers for a nice used cruiser, or I’ll ask for a new one as an early birthday present.

+ Buy a pair of sturdy new running shoes and an umbrella. Two other Victoria necessities. I’m told by someone that umbrellas act as a fashion statement in Victoria (For you Francophones: I have a Quebec acquaintance studying in Victoria who has an umbrella that says “Merde, Il Pleut!” on it!) Even though it’s pricey, that makes me want to get this umbrella, so I’ll be a cool kid too.

+ File for a “Proof of Citizenship” and a SIN number at the local immigrations office, or wherever it is I go for that.

+ Turn in an application for Work Study, and apply for jobs elsewhere. In my dream perfect world, I’d get a job at Munro’s Books, but that’s a tad unrealistic, since Downtown is a long ways from the university. Maybe a Chapters or… White Spot waitress? Nah. I can’t see myself remembering all those orders. And the smell of Triple O sauce makes me ill.

+ Turn in the collection of LUSH pots that I’ve been hoarding all this time, and get a free masque in exchange.

+ Make friends. Oh dear.

Many other things of course, but those are the primary ones on my mind. My flight’s at 5:00 this afternoon. See you all on the West Coast!