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Tell me, dear readers: Why is it that when it is presumed that a brown-skinned, non-European extremist of the Islamic faith was the one that murdered 91 people, most of them children, the mainstream media of the U.S sees no problem with chalking it up to a grand global movement, masterminded by a sort of hive mind of many taking orders from one… BUT!

When it turns out that the perpetrator was a light-skinned, blonde-haired European extremist of the Christian faith, the tone immediately shifts to blame “mental illness”, call him a “lone gunman”, or chalk up his actions to being those of “a deranged individual”?

Are we so racist, so screwed up to believe that only white Christians are capable of individual actions? Everyone else must take orders from whoever’s higher in the pyramid than they are, but white Christians are the only ones with the capacity to think for themselves?

And let’s talk about the mental illness element, shall we? Do we also believe that nobody who is not white and Christian is capable of having a mental illness? Is that, like individual actions, reserved for white people? And why is mental illness always the culprit when it comes to someone’s criminal actions, but we seem to conveniently forget that mentally ill individuals are more likely to be the victims of violent crime, rather than the perpetrators?

Long story short: The coverage of this tragic story is horrifying. We’re not giving the death of so many innocents the respect and coverage it deserves.  Instead, it’s devolved into a circus of exposing deeply ingrained prejudices and pathetic posturings of the self-important U.S Media.

My heart goes out to the victims of the Norway twin attacks yesterday. I’m gladdened to see that your own country and government is responding to this with respect and genuine wish to see justice.