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On their wedding day, the police intruded on the wedding of Neil Mcllwee and his fiancée, Yanan Sun, arrested them, took them to a police station, dressed them in forensic clothing, and then realized they made a mistake and let them go with an apology.

Obviously, apology not accepted. Their wedding day was ruined and the couple was humiliated. The police took a day that was supposed to be memorable and beautiful for this couple, and turned it into a tearful embarrassment and possibly nightmarish situation for the couple, all based on the flimsiest evidence imaginable: An anonymous tip-off.

I have nightmares about this regularly, as someone who has dual citizenship with the US and Canada, marrying a Canadian, especially since my partner is trans and we’re queer. How many other multi-national couples, particularly those who are queer, from countries branded “suspect”, or of colour, have to worry about their big day being ruined by such pathetic excuses for prejudiced police officers to wave about their dirty racist laundry?

I hope that this story will remind other police officers to look before they leap- and ruin a very special day in a happy couple’s life.