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Courtesy of Disabilityscoop, I just learned that there will be a new British Reality show, called The Undateables, dealing with the dating difficulties people with disabilities face. Among the disabilities explored will be Asperger Syndrome, Tourettes, and Narcolepsy, as well as others I assume.

I’m already getting a bad feeling from this. The name of the show is bad enough. It could be read ironically, but the format of these shows isn’t irony. Reality TV shows which aim to “educate”, like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, are little more than spectacles designed to entertain, shock, and garner ratings.

There are ways to address the difficulties that disabled people face when it comes to dating, relationships, and sex. I try to address a few of them and clear up some myths on my blog when it strikes my fancy. A reality TV show is not one of the ways I would endorse learning about sex, dating, and relationships for disabled people. I may be being a bit unfair by judging the show before it actually comes to the air, but past experience is giving me the willies about this. If it ever comes to Canadian television, I’ll write a series on it. I get the feeling though that if I do, most of my blogging will be devoted to debunking myths that crop up on the show. So it goes.