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I am mighty sick of the narrative of disability as a burden, either on the disabled person, or the people who have to care for them. This is used to justify everything from murder to unwanted “cures” to ignoring the ADA or the Charter. Because we are a burden, we don’t deserve full autonomy, personhood, or to be given the chance to speak (and I use the term loosely) for ourselves.

Able-bodied neurotypical folk, do you think you’re not some sort of burden? You burden me every day, with your arbitrary social mores, your expectations for me to fit myself into a society that never had me in mind, and you burden me with your woeful, widespread ignorance.

We all coexist in this society. No human individual is an island (Though some of us could be described as rather windy peninsulas) and we all depend on each other in order to make this work. Do not single out the disabled as being some sort of special burden upon you or your culture who do not contribute. We struggle every day to maintain and achieve our independence, against the obstacles of your ignorance and foolishness. We’re not the burdensome ones here. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself who burdens us with constant disablism, denies us our human rights, and tries to bar us from participating equally unless we play by your stupid rules.

Yea, I thought so. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.