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Courtesy of Jen, I got a look at these tears-inducing photos of couples married in New York after the restrictions surrounding who could get married came crashing down in that state. As I looked upon the faces of these happy, beautiful couples, some of whom waited years and years to enjoy this special day, I felt a change coming over me. It started in low, but then it started to grow.

I have been planning my wedding around the idea that I would have to conceal the true identities of myself and my partner in order to have the wedding I wanted, since so many of my family members don’t approve of gay couples or transgender people. I thought I could pull the wool over their eyes for the main ceremony and then have a private party all to ourselves afterwards. Looking at those pictures of these ecstatic, beautiful, joyous unions, I turned to Jaime and said, “Our wedding day should be the last day we should ever hide who we are. Let’s get married as two women, as ourselves. I want that for us.”

And that is exactly what we intend to do. Thank you, anonymous NY couples by the thousand. You’ve inspired one more loving couple out of the closet and down the aisle. That happiness is worth every disapproving family member.

Time for me to start looking for the perfect wedding gowns for both Jaime and me.