One of the things I am looking forward to the most about living on my own is the fact that I can buy whatever groceries I want, when I want, without worry about being criticized for my dietary decisions.

Want to know my experience with that? I had one roommate who was a vegan, and coated her (Well, our) room with posters for PETA, and had a particularly annoying sticker on our closet door which had a picture of three thin people (presumably vegans) staring at a fat family: Fat mom with milk bottle in hand, fat dad, and fat kid with a bucket of fried chicken. Fat family was saying to thin family, “But how do you get your protein?” Lovely. I know that question must get annoying after a while, vegans and vegetarians, but seriously, fat hatred is an inappropriate response to being annoyed like that. It is also not nice to sabotage my groceries by turning off the freezer so my ice cream melts and my meats go bad.

Another one was gluten intolerant, and banned bread from the kitchen. We had separate toasters, and I was forbidden from using the microwave unless I scrubbed it thoroughly and aired it out after every use with gluten products. I didn’t mind accommodating her dietary needs that much. I was actually more peeved by her policing everything I put in my basket when we went shopping (And no, I couldn’t go alone, she had a car and the nearest grocery store was too far away to go by bike) Whenever I would put in anything that wasn’t the most dirt-cheap bargain brand, her eyes would widen, and she’d practically shriek, “But that’s so expensive!!” I was, mind you, paying with my own money and didn’t keep the food for myself, I let her eat what she could. But she still felt it necessary to criticize my purchases and rant for 20 minutes about all the money I was wasting.

And finally, even though I adored my previous housemate, she had this weird hatred of four foods I could never understand: Milk, pork, eggs, and juice. The milk thing I had an easy time understanding, because she was native and slightly lactose intolerant, but the look of disgust on her face whenever I drank it was off-putting. Pork, well, I’m no fan either, so I didn’t mind. Eggs disgusted her, and she had only eaten eggs when they were put into baking goods, which kind of ruined my usual morning egg breakfast. The juice thing, well, she said something which baffled me one day while I was drinking a glass: “You shouldn’t drink that. You want a gross picture? Every glass of juice you drink is equivalent to a slice of bread.” She then gave me a significant look, and all I could think of was Scott Pilgrim: “Bread Makes you fat?!”

So, yes, living with Jaime, whose pickiness is near identical to my own (We both hate seafood, mayonnaise, relish, and creamy dressings) is a dream come true. Plus, she never criticizes what I put in my shopping basket as long as I am paying. 🙂