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Trigger warning for descriptions of rape and sexual assault 

I was positively shaken to read this: A story of sexual abuse in a Chassidic Jewish community is coming together, as more and more victims step forward.

I began crying, as a survivor of sexual assault which I kept clandestine for many years because the person who did it was an “upstanding member of the community”, I can relate to these men, and what they must have endured in coming forward.

But the part of it which made my blood boil like lava was seeing this:

Hynes says the Jewish leaders — like Catholic bishops — try to handle these affairs internally, through a rabbinical court. It’s a practice that infuriates him.

You and me both. There will be no justice if this is treated not as a criminal issue, but a rabbinical issue. The victims will not get closure in this manner, and the abuse will not stop.

Sexual abuse does not discriminate: It is found wherever there are craven monsters who seek out positions of authority and respect in order to abuse children from a safe position. We cannot treat this as special and exempt from the laws. I hope that those victims get justice. I missed my chance at that closure, nobody else ever should.