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So I am going to be spending a two week vacation at home in Hawaii this winter. Even though I am excited, it’ll be my first time home for winter in about three years, and my mother is finally sober, I know I am probably not going to enjoy it as much as I would if I stayed in Victoria. Filial Piety is a bugger.

Anyways, I did this because my mom sounded incredibly depressed on the phone when I told her I was probably going to stay in Victoria in the winter. So Jaime said that I should call her back and tell her I was coming home to see her. Since I could probably afford the plane ticket by then, I agreed, and called her back telling her I was going to come home to see her. She asked if (Jaime’s birth name) would be coming along, and I answered in the negative, she wanted to see her family for Christmas.

So mom started freaking out, asking if we had a fight, if everything was going alright, if we’d broken up or something. I was very puzzled, and said, no, everything was fine, why would she think that? Mom explained it to me, but I still don’t understand her logic. Then I told her it was (Jaime’s birth name)’s idea, because mom shouldn’t be lonely on Christmas. That seemed to calm her down. If preferring to see your parents over your significant other on some holidays meant your relationship was doomed, Jaime’s devotion to hers would have killed ours long ago. She actually has a good relationship with her parents, which in my circles, is almost enough to make you a freak of nature.

I personally, have never liked Christmas. First off, I dislike the way that Hanukkah was pumped up to compete with it in the adverts. Seriously, we get eight days of presents, the goyim get one. There is no competition here! Secondly, all my non-Childhood memories of Christmas are rotten, usually involving mom getting drunk, me cleaning up her vomit and her boyfriend being a horrible jerk (One Christmas he did something so awful I could write a whole blog post about it) But I’m doing this, and I manage to make both my girlfriend and my mother happy, and maybe a few times I can escape away to get to the beach, and consume some delicious shave ice and teriyaki chicken. Mmmm. I’ll stop contending for biggest first world problems jerkwad on earth by complaining about Christmas in Hawaii, now, I promise.