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So, as you may already know, I have a horrible attention span, and frequently forget important things, like to turn off the stove, go grocery shopping, or clean up. Jaime has cleverly been leaving behind notes when she leaves for work reminding me what I need to do today.

But I think that notes are now officially passe. She should just get me a skull. This etsy shop, iamhome, makes chalkboard-type skulls for you to put notes on a skull with a piece of chalk.

I am so in love with this idea, I now want a million of these, and I want to colour code them. Blue skull for household chores, a red skull for reminders of errands to run, green skull for groceries, and black skull for miscellanea.

Also, I will pay attention to a skull a lot more than a post-it note, and I can save on paper.