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In the past few days, my eating has been incredibly erratic. Since I am not comfortable and familiar with Jaime’s kitchen, possess no cookbooks, and have no ingredients to work with, I’ve been eating globs of peanut butter, glasses of chocolate milk, and instant hot chocolate powder. This has led to me being grumpy and sleepy all of the time, because it causes my blood sugar to go into a full tumble down after getting a temporary spike.

I realize what the problem is of course, but until I get a job, a place of my own, and the money to buy my own food and cookbooks, I’m out of luck. When I was like this in Montana, I would usually just stock up on bulk beef jerky, which is the ultimate for getting me through these crashes, and become pert and alert again.

My blood sugar really does impact a lot of my life. I went broke in my last year at UM because I refused to eat the disgusting gluten-free food that my roommate had, and spent far too much money at the campus restaurants, which have obscenely jacked up prices. Before that, I went through periods of crashing and burning because my schedule was so full, I didn’t have time for a midday meal, and ended up being a slug in my afternoon classes (No surprise I got mainly Bs and the occasional C in those) I often ended up taking afternoon naps to compensate for the energy crash, and then spending all night bored and fidgety, which also impacted my performance in my morning classes. It also impacted my work performance, and my relationships with other people. Nobody wants to be around someone who is perpetually tired and surly. I was basically a shadow of the person I could be when I was having blood sugar trouble.

But I am going to do my best not to let that happen again at UVic. I am going to meet with a nutrition counsellor, as I discussed before, and one of the things I hope to learn from the counsellor is how to manage my blood sugar so that I don’t do a midday crash, and don’t end up needing afternoon naps and tobelerones in order to survive a full day.