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Jaime and I went out to dinner tonight, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was her, me, the birthday boy, and a whole bunch of physicists who were friends with the birthday boy. A few minutes after Jaime and I sat down, another physicist and colleague of Jaime came in, with someone we didn’t recognize. Turns out it was the other physicist’s housemate. So we all exchanged pleasantries and began eating.

The whole dinner was ruined however, by the housemate being an absolute louse. He loudly speculated about whether our waitress was a stripper, because she was wearing a short skirt, and made remarks on how much money she could make with her “tight little body”. He then bragged about how he had once almost had sex with a stripper, yea, she wanted him bad, he was hitting on her after work. Jaime dryly asked at that point whether he thought he was the first, or hundredth, guy to hit on her that night. We managed to switch the conversation over to French names in Harry Potter (Our physicist friend was a Quebecer) but it soon turned back to his self-absorbed tales.

In the course of the dinner, he told more rude, nasty stories, branded a plethora of women he’d met as “whores” for not sleeping with him, and pulled out his iphone to show us pictures of poop he’d taken. Yes, poop. He used to work as a janitor. My teriyaki wings were immediately no longer appetizing to me.

The most offensive thing to me in all this though, is that he didn’t tip the waitress, after making so many rude comments about her appearance. I’m the daughter of a waitress, after all. Apparently throughout the dinner Jaime noticed that my eye was twitching rapidly at every thing he said. She later thanked me for not murdering him then and there.

The moral of this story is: I am going to choose my friends and company wisely in Victoria. And make sure my company don’t bring around roommates who make me sick to my stomach.

For the record, there were three autistic people at this gathering: Myself, Jaime, and a computational physicist. All three of us were more polite and aware of social niceties than this guy. Why does everyone think we are the ones in need of lessons in social graces?