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So, apparently, Stafford Loans for grad students will soon be a thing of the past in America, if the Debt Ceiling Bill passes the Senate the way it did the house. In plain, earthy language, this means America’s graduate students are screwed. Meaning, in the long run, America’s professionals are going to get screwed into perpetual debt.

This is why I left that country. This is why I decided to complete my education in Canada and live here full time. It was cheaper to get a Canadian education anyways, but I suspected that before long, something like this was going to happen, considering the hatred towards education the Republicans have nursed over these years. It was only a matter of time, so I took my chance and got out.

Now that this is public news, I know I will not be the only one. Many other students aware of their choices will flee in flocks into Canada, Sweden (I almost considered Uppsala U for my education) and other countries which are not as hostile to upper education, and don’t think part of getting a professional degree should involve paying off a backbreaking debt for decades. They will take their intelligence, potential, and professional skill sets with them. The U.S just bought itself an upcoming brain drain which will be absolutely devastating to the country’s future outcome.

Oh, but heaven forbid millionaires and billionaires and gargantuan corporations pay their fair share of taxes. We can’t risk losing them and all they contribute to society!