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After reading about the Prosperity Gospel through a commenter by the name of profacero on Clarissa’s blog, I’ve decided there is no time like right now to offer a plug for two of my favourite nonreligious charities. There will be no plush rolls royces, fancy apartments, or enormous mansions bought with the money you send to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) or Responsible Charity. Both are scrupulous charities and work towards making the world a better place by offering a hand to those in need. Responsible Charity even shows you through its facebook page how the money directly makes a difference and posts pictures of the receipts, allowing for as much transparency as possible.

If I were not so tired, I’d write more on the nature of Mitzvahs and Tikkun Olam in relation to charitable donations, but it’s nearing midnight, and a link is worth a thousand words. Consider donating, if you have cash to spare.