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Well, faithful readers, I have Netflix now here in Canada, and Community is available for instant view.

So, for this blog, I will be devoting some time and energy to dissections of autistic characters on the TV shows available on Netflix instant view. The first on my list is, of course, Abed from Community. I started with Abed because on the very first episode of Community, Asperger Syndrome is clearly mentioned, albeit in a pejorative fashion.

As a fan of Community, I find Abed to be positively loveable. He’s a walking IMDB, he’s intelligent, comfortable with his niche knowledge, and not portrayed as pitiable or tragic, but engaging, interesting, and unique.

More to come as I make my way through an in-depth Abed-watch on Netflix; I will do this by series by season. If you have any suggestions as to autistic characters I should profile, leave a comment on this entry, and I’ll consider each one. The only qualifications are that the character has to be noticeably autistic (No diagnosis either in the show or by Word of God is required, but it helps a lot) and the show cannot be so brand-new that it’s not available on DVD. Sorry, fans of Alphas. Try to be creative, and don’t just pluck names out of the television section of Ambiguously Autistic on TVtropes.