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After reading so many reports on how siblings of autistic children are much more likely to have autism than previously thought (Not linking, most of the stories cite Autism Squeaks in some way or another, and I don’t feel like giving them publicity) I was thinking a lot about my own sister, whom I am visiting right now in Seattle.

Last night when she picked me up from the ferry, she immediately decided, rather than dropping me off at her house so I could rest after the three hour boat ride, to take me to a party at a bar with her “Reddit friends” (whatever that means, she’s now bugging me to get a Reddit account) and had me sit in sullen silence, wincing at the loud music for four hours while she had drinks, laughed noisily, and interacted with a bunch of strangers who basically ignored me after first meeting me and commenting on our strong physical resemblance.

After it was all done and the last call came at 2 AM for the bar to close down (Thank Zod) they all assembled for a group photo. Which means that, on Reddit somewhere, there is probably a huge group photo at a bar with a whole bunch of people waving and making faces, and I’m standing stiffly at the right centre with an awkward, pained smile. When the photo was over, they gathered around outside to smoke, and I finally asked my sister why she’d brought me along. She said that I needed to learn how to make friends. I protested, but, I already have friends. She said, “No you don’t. You have people who keep you around for entertainment value because you’re weird and vaguely amusing sometimes.” Ouch.

After that, I ultimately concluded that my sister definitely slipped through the cracks in terms of that study, because there is no way she could ever have autism. And I laughed quietly to myself the rest of the time I was awake, which wasn’t long.