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So, I’m noticing that a lot of readers are coming here by googling “nominatissima meaning”. I guess I never really did explain here what my name means, and it is a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, here’s something to clear up the confusion.

Jaime is a medievalist and theoretical physicist by training. One of the first conversations we had together where I got a hint that she liked me, she was talking about the story of Abelard and Heloise and how deeply it moved her. She hinted that I reminded her of Heloise. I became interested in the story personally, and when I looked up more about the two, I saw this:

[Heloise] was a brilliant scholar of Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and had a reputation for intelligence and insight. Abélard writes that she was nominatissima, “most renowned” for her gift in reading and writing.

I became attached to the word nominatissima,and adapted it as my own online moniker, since I’m rather proud of my own intellectual abilities and consider them my definitive attribute. Wit beyond measure is woman’s greatest treasure.

So that’s how the name of this blog was born. Nothing more to it. A reflection of my admiration for a simple love story turned tragic before Romeo and Juliet were ever around. Hipster medievalist me.