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There’s only one real difference which has me blinking in confusion and trying to wrap my head around between America and Canada. And the blinking and confusion is the result of America’s way of doing it, not Canada’s.

In America, there’s an election coming… Over a year from now. But for a long time now, candidates have been gearing up for this election. It’s a bloody circus of fundraising, bumper stickers, debates, straw polls, test polls, Rasmussen polls, Reuters reports, AP Polls, Yahoo! News, dissections on blogs, talking heads on televisions at airports and gyms, and Zod knows what else. I’ve only been back in America for barely one full day, and already I’m feeling ill from it all. Then again, it could be because the candidates in this election are all, save for the incumbent, absolutely nauseating and nightmare-inducing.

By contrast, in Canada, the gear-up before an actual election usually lasts about the length of a season like spring or autumn: Three or four months maximum it seems. There’s some discussions and back-and-forth in the papers (I actually read newspapers in Canada, which I never did in America. I prefer the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and the Victoria Times Colonist) there’s debates which I watched from the CBC website, and a storm of twitter updates the night of the actual election, but it’s relatively mild compared to the smothering coverage and overkill length American elections get into.

Further evidence that I made the right choice by moving to Canada.