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Even though gender-neutral marriage is legal in Canada, it’s not always easy for couples who are outside of the accepted relationship binary to get married here. A florist in New Brunswick, for instance, refused to provide flowers for one couple’s wedding. I am still paranoid about the part where I’ll actually have to dig around the Tri-City (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle) area for wedding supplies, because I fear backlash if the nature of the wedding is discussed.

This is still very much in the floating ideas and more talk than action stage, but I still get exceptionally gratified when I see certain aspects of BC wedding planning; venues, shops, and coordinators, billing themselves as specifically LGBTQ friendly. Like the Butchart Gardens. Then there are sites like Purple Unions, which makes everything a lot easier to figure out, rather than playing a series of guessing games.

I don’t just recommend these websites and keeping an open eye on these matters for queer folks. If you are a straight ally who wants to get married in beautiful British Columbia, you can use these tools to pick out who is a fellow ally and worth giving your business/patronage/money to. It may not personally impact you, but if you put your dollars towards organizations and venues which are queer-wedding-positive, then everybody is happy. Plus, these places are gorgeous.