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Until I ran out of birth control pills last month, I was on the constant cycle of my birth control. Which meant, basically, I skipped the placebo pack of my pills and went straight to the next month, without having a menstruation period (a false menstruation, really) in between. I got the idea after talking to a friend who had Endometriosis and PCOS, who used the constant cycle to avoid constant pain in her body each time her period came about.

I’ve run out of the pills and need to get a new prescription for them in Canada, so I’ve been on my menses for the past few days, and remembering how much I hated it. As someone with OCD, I cannot stand the stench of the blood, the messiness that results, and the ruined underwear that comes from having such a problem with executive functioning and forgetfulness. The constant cycle prevented all of that from becoming an issue, and I was able to take better control of my life without having to worry about my period. I’m hoping, when I get the prescription, to use a birth control pill which doesn’t have the placebo pills, such as Seasonale.

This is another issue that is almost never talked about in terms of disability for some reason. If you have issues with your period, I would recommend immediately talking to your doctor about getting on the constant cycle of birth control pills. If you are not worried about pregnancy (Thank goodness for me) then there’s no compelling reason for you to have a period. The function of the fake menses during birth control is to simply ensure that you are not pregnant.

Talk to your doctor about going on the constant cycle if you have issues with chronic cramps during your menses, if you have a hard time keeping clean during it, or if you feel it could help you maintain better control over your life. Not all women can talk get on birth control, either due to a risk of complications from blood clots, genetics, smoking, or another reason, so make sure you consult a doctor first. But once you are on it, there’s going to be no weeping over not having periods any more, I assure you.