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With my birthday approaching (I know, I’ve been writing about it for quite a while now) I took some time to reflect on which birthday present was my favourite ever.

Now, I know. My Canadian citizenship was my greatest gift, given to me by my father as I turned 13. I don’t know what my father’s motives were for giving me Canadian citizenship. But now, I’m so proud to be Canadian, and living in this beautiful country among its amazing people has given me a broader perspective, a greater education, and a stronger sense of who I am in this world.

Because of that little card with 12-year old me staring into the camera, I can live, work, and educate myself with minimal difficulty in Canada. I can marry the one I love without worrying about DOMA getting in the way, or worrying that a single bigot at the visa office will reject my application for a marriage visa.

Thanks, Dad. I’m proud to be Canadian, and glad to have received this wonderful gift.