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After coming to my aunt’s place for a few days to collect some stuff (Alas, none of the packages had the two things I really wanted to get, my vibrator and my N-64, both of those are back at my Grandma’s house in Montana, and I am not sure Granny knows what either of those are, nor do I want her to find out) I’m going back to Seattle tomorrow, and then back to Victoria on Sunday. Huzzah!

I have to say, after this summer’s overall topsy-turvy nature, I am so glad to be getting back to something I am familiar with: School. Even if it’s a school I have never been to, in classes I’ll not be familiar with, a new job, teachers I will not know, and a place I’ve never lived in. At least I will have the beautiful city of Victoria and my lovely significant other as constants to turn to.