Back in the states, I almost never bothered with any daily newspaper. We had the Maui News delivered to our house daily, and I would skim it, or, if I was in the mood to infuriate myself, I’d read the letters to the editor. In Montana, the letters to the editor not only would have made my blood boil, they would have resulted in me going on a rampage, so I didn’t even bother. The rest of the paper was shoddily written as well. I wasn’t particularly interested in bigger papers either, save for columns by Bob Herbert, Ezra Klein, and Paul Krugman. Those I could read online free, so why even bother with the print version?

Since moving to Canada though, I’ve become much more interested and voracious in my consumption of print newspapers. The writing of papers like The Globe and Mail, the Times Colonist, and the Vancouver Sun is significantly better, the stories are better handled, and the writing of the letters to the editor in the Times Colonist makes me want to live in Victoria forever.

Another little thing about Canada which I love.