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To me, moving to British Columbia was like my Aliyah, coming to a homeland where I could be free. I thought that the culture meant freedom from discrimination and worries about access to jobs and housing. Turns out though, that a recent survey from UBC proves that discrimination against gay couples is alive and well in housing rental. There’s a bit of a cookie thrown in there:

Interestingly and thankfully, the researchers found no evidence of rental discrimination against same-sex lesbian couples compared to heterosexual couples.

But it is not exactly reassuring to me. The survey made no mention of trans people, or couples where one of the partners is trans, which complicates things for myself and Jaime. It seems odd that they were left out, and I’d like to see a survey on that, since there are almost no protections regarding discrimination  against trans people in Canada.

I guess my lesson here is that reliance on reputation isn’t everything, and that it’s important to still be vigilant even in the most queer-friendly cities.