Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, especially in a slow month like August. I’ve been hopping back and forth between Victoria, Seattle, Leavenworth, and the bloody rest of Washington state and BC, and only now just got home after two weeks at a wedding, several parties, a bunch of unsavoury “game nights”, and far more “Tuscan Deli” clipper meals than I care to remember.

The purpose of my trip was to grab my stuff from home, so I ended up with a single suitcase that weighed about 105 pounds (I checked) and a backpack that weighed 20 pounds, which I carried all across the state of Washington onto far too many late trains and buses.

Those of you who follow this blog closely probably already know that I have a history of back problems from scoliosis in my youth, and carrying all this heavy stuff across buses and towns has made my back feel like it’s been through a meat grinder.

Since my birthday is so soon though, I stopped into LUSH on the way home, and bought some bath supplies. I’ve now eaten a decent meal, gulped down a gallon of cranberry juice, and I’m going to have a bath. Blogging will resume at my usual pace as soon as I feel human again. Thank you for your patience.