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My sister is planning on going to San Diego for a mini vacation before school starts next week. She’s bringing a few friends with her to cut costs and pool resources. Today, when she told my mother that there were two guys coming on her trip with her, my sister said that mom told her, “Dn’t drink around them, they might take advantage. All boys are the same.”

There’s so much wrong with this statement, I can’t even begin to dissect it, especially since the speaker is my own mother. But I will say this: Let me never enter that point in my existence where my thought process is characterized by demonizing and generalization of an entire group of people and expressing it in such a banal, defeated fashion. I get sick at the thought of how terrible at the thought of how that would colour my outlook, my actions, the way I live my life. And thanks be to feminism for teaching me that even if it were true, it doesn’t have to be that way, and teaching me that life should be all about “I should do this!” rather than “I can’t do that” in all aspects of life.

I hope my sister has a fun trip in San Diego. I know she’s rational enough to not take that hateful little sentence of mom’s to heart, and glad for that.