Today, I moved into my campus dormitory, which was a boring, overly long process that involved a mix-up, which irritated me. I wasn’t exactly thinking straight by the time I got assigned a coordinator to help me through the mess. She was a very kind older woman, and she asked me where I was from and if I was here all by myself. The other students checking in had a parent or two with them, but I was going solo. She said, in these words, “Do you have any family to help you today?” I was only half-comprehending everything, so I said, “No, haven’t got anyone.” She proceeded to dote on me, help me check in, help me with luggage, and offer me her phone number “In case you need anything.” I wondered why she was being so exceptionally nice to me, and now that I have settled down, I realize… Oops. She thinks I literally don’t have any family, rather than just not having any family in Victoria.

I feel terrible now. How am I going to ever explain this to her?