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I hate being lectured on my personal choices by neurotypicals. One of the biggest bugs in my bonnet is when they lecture me about my choices of what goes into my shopping basket, especially along the lines of, “You’re getting that?! But that’s so expensive!” I came very close to telling both of my old roommates to fuck off because they insisted on doing that, even when I told them I was an adult who didn’t ask for their opinion.

The reason that I don’t particularly care for people doing that is because, as neurotypicals, they often fail to realize the significance of the items I am shopping for, and why I cannot use the bargain brand or the cheap substitute. Since my sensory issues are so strong, I’ve gone through a lot of painful rashes, itching, vomiting, tears, upset stomachs, headaches, migraines, and sores to figure out which foods, clothing, beauty products, bath products, and household cleaners are appropriate for me to use. I do not want to have spent those hours in vain by having you insist I “save money” by buying a product that will make me sick. I would literally rather go hungry, dirty, naked, or smelly than put myself through the torture of sensory overload or reactions to certain objects, so your advice is useless to me.

Neurotypicals can buy whatever products they want, and squeeze their pennies until the queen screams. You can shop at the bargain basements, buy the no-brand, do whatever you like, and I don’t particularly mind. So why do you feel the need to lecture me when I make my choices of shopping items based on my unique needs? Surely you must realize that not everybody is just like you and must tailor their lives around their particular needs and expectations. Oh wait…

Yes, I have less money to use by doing this. But I see no point in saving it if I’m too sick to enjoy my “riches”.