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Jaime and I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes yesterday. We both enjoyed it, each picking off the references to the original (Bright Eyes, Madhouse, the Statue of Liberty toy, Damn Dirty Apes, the name Caesar, etc etc) and it was a fun time at the movies that gave us a lot of meat for a conversation about the ethics behind the “retirement” of circus and laboratory animals.

Two little details, of the blink and you’ll miss them category caught my eye, and amused and annoyed me respectively. Can you guess what they are? Spoiler alert ahead!

In the amusement category, there was the fact that during the ape siege of “San Francisco” you could see a Canada Trust bank’s distinctive green sign in the background. Don’t let the golden gate bridge fool you, that was clearly filmed in Vancouver.

The second one was more personal, and more aggravating. In the beginning scene, when they’re describing the miraculous wonder drug that could cure Alzheimer’s, they pull up a chart of other diseases that would be cured if they were to be given the funding green light. One of those “diseases” listed was autism.

Way to go, movie, way to go. Though I guess when our whole culture is saturated with the autism as disease stereotype, I guess that’s like blaming a single dandelion for your garden being choked out by weeds.