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I apologize for the lack of meaningful posting, people. School’s in full swing now, and I have a big ol’ problem to deal with. It’s a long, boring bureaucratic matter that I will try to condense into as short of a summary as possible.

Essentially, a portion of my financial aid is not applicable to be used in Canada, specifically, the Pell Grant. I had no idea about this. Nobody told me about this until recently, after a long drawn out battle with Financial Aid in which I was told I owed about $10,000 more than I really did because they mistook me for an American student when I am a dual citizen and get Canadian, not international, student fees. After that was over and done with, they threw this new hurdle at me, and I am now about $4,700 short on tuition, which is due September 30th.

I promised myself that I would not talk, think, or work over this until Monday. I refuse to stress myself out even more than I already have. When I get stressed, I pick at my skin, sob at random, panic, pace, involuntarily vomit and end up spending way too much time with bathroom matters in general. I can practically feel my brain wheezing from overwork when I am stressed. That is not good for the weekend.

But before I initiate that for the weekend, I just want to know: I am thinking about switching to Canadian financial aid. I’m eligible for either or, but can’t do both. Is it worth it? How good is the money? Could I get it implemented before September 30th? Would I be able to pay my all of my finances (About $8,000 for both semesters plus room and board) with it? I have work study, but I only make $3,000+ a year on that, so that’s not going to solve my financial situation.

If I can’t do this or if it’s not a good idea, I will find another way. Maybe take out a loan from a bank… *ugh* or another solution, like a second job, or selling my possessions. I’m nothing if not resourceful. Unfortunately for me, in Canada, my old fallback of selling plasma is illegal here, so that’s a no-go. But please let me know of your experiences with Canadian financial aid and whether it could pull me out of this situation.